PROJECT: Callista 3.0 | 3D Model

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PROJECT: Callista, The Cyborg Operator.


  • Phys Bones - You know where huehue
  • Clothing/Misc Toggles - Sweater, Top, Bra, Pants, Undies, Socks, Shoes, Harness, Wings, Mask, Ears & Tail
  • 3.0 Toggles - Human Skin, Hoverboard, 4 Hairs, Hair Colours, Hue Shift, Emission, RGB, Music, Clothing Colours, Glowstick, Grab (2) Swords, Finger Trails & Spring Joint
  • Cyborg skin can toggle to human skin
  • 4 Hair options to toggle from (Long Hair, Medium Hair, Ponytail & Short Hair)
  • Hair Colour toggles Black, White & Natural (Natural has hue shift)
  • Hue Shift with RGB toggle for Outfit, Hair and Accessories
  • Emission Slider for Outfit, Hair and Accessories
  • Head Pats toggle heart particles (works with all avatars)
  • Finger point on nose for Boop (works with all avatars)
  • Kisses when lips are close (works with all avatars)
  • Sweater and Pants can toggle to black and white
  • Glowstick toggle with real lighting and hue shift
  • Rainbow finger trails (colours can be changed with "fingie trails prefab")
  • High five system (works with all avatars)
  • Sharable spring joint system (works with all avatars)
  • Hoverboard with trail for FBT and Desktop (Desktop works with GoGoLoco options)
  • GoGoLoco System for the FBT, Half and Desktop users
  • Music note particles come out from the ears when music is playing (music can be changed easily)
  • Audio Link system on all emissions
  • Cool fire shader on swords
  • Grab swords with fist gesture (open hand gesture to put it back)
  • VRLabs Marker with Local Space options
  • Clone System with lots of options


Everything was made by me except for the following:

This Avatar is not Quest Compatible

Do not purchase my avatars if you have no knowledge of Unity


  • You cannot take assets from this avatar and sell it on other avatars unless you have purchased it from the original creators and/or are boosting their servers.
  • Do not resell any asset by itself and/or claim as your own.
  • Do not resell this avatar as your own.
  • Do not headswap and sell this avatar.
  • Do not send and/or upload this avatar to your friends.
  • Do not redistribute this avatar or its assets in any shape or form.
  • Do not take any mesh from this avatar and claim/sell as your own.
  • No refunds, all sales are final.
  • Polygons
  • Skinned Mesh Renderers
  • Material Slots
    67 (Mostly Particle Materials)
  • In Game Size
    79 MB
  • Callista w/ Clone System
  • Polygons
  • Skinned Mesh Renderers
  • Material Slots
    118 (Can be lowered)
  • In Game Size
    75 MB
  • Clone Prefab
    Doesn't have some features listed for optimization
  • Polygons281,859
  • Skinned Mesh Renderers19
  • Material Slots67 (Mostly Particle Materials)
  • In Game Size79 MB
  • Callista w/ Clone System-------------------------------
  • Polygons560,548
  • Skinned Mesh Renderers37
  • Material Slots118 (Can be lowered)
  • In Game Size75 MB
  • Clone Prefab Doesn't have some features listed for optimization


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PROJECT: Callista 3.0 | 3D Model

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